ENSHINE New Product: Integrated LED Tri-proof Light

Published Date: 2023-07-05 13:50:19 Views: 104

ENSHINE’s multi-functional LED tri-proof lights provide customers with high-quality lighting solutions and energy savings, with easier installation and maintenance processes for new or renovated building projects.

Our IP65 LED tri-proof light adopts SMD2835 chip with good stability, uniform and strobe-free luminescence, and more energy-saving and power-saving. Adopting integrated extruded lamp body with IP65 waterproof performance, rainproof sealed design with waterproof plug, which can effectively prevent solid dust and mosquitoes from entering. Reliable structure design makes life longer, there are two installation methods: ceiling or hanging. Multiple sizes and power options for flexible installation. Multiple function options are supported: sensor, emergency, linkable, and DIP CCT.

led tri proof light manufacturerENSHINE All-in-one LED Tri-proof Light

  • Alternative to traditional waterproof lamps
  • Wide beam distribution
  • Mount: Ceiling/Pendant
  • Optional external connector version, easy installation
  • 30000 hours long lifespan
  • 3 years warranty