Features and Benefits of LED Floodlights

Published Date: 2023-05-12 11:09:19 Views: 170

Nowadays, LED floodlights are widely used in industrial factory lighting, but the price of LED floodlights is a bit higher than the general energy-saving lamps, so why are LED floodlights still so popular? What is an LED floodlight? We’ll tell you more about it next!

What is LED floodlight?

LED floodlights refer to the led lighting fixtures used in production work in factories and other sites. If the LED floodlights are classified according to the function of the light, they can be divided into two types of light: general light and local light.

General lighting usually means that the LED floodlight is evenly placed above the workplace or on the side walls to ensure that the light shines on the workers’ workplace.

Localized lighting means that the LED floodlight is the key light for a certain part of the workplace. This type of lighting enhances the lighting effect of a workplace on top of the general lighting.

What are the advantages of LED floodlights?

LED floodlights with low power consumption, high colour rendering index, high resistance to earthquakes, long service life and green environmental protection are the best choice for industrial plants, petrol stations and other places, and it is also a relatively high-security light.

LED floodlights have high stability and a service life of 25,000 to 50,000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than traditional light sources; they are green and pollution-free, with no heat radiation and no harm to eyes and skin; they have a good colour rendering and a more realistic presentation of the real colours.

Overall, the price of LED floodlights is higher than traditional lighting fixtures, but it has the features of lower power, better energy efficiency and longer service life. In the long run, the benefits of LED floodlights are much better than traditional lamps. It can be used not only in industrial plants, but also in basketball courts, petrol stations, toll stations and other places, making it a very good lighting fixture.