ENSHINE 2023 New Frameless LED Panel Light

Published Date: 2023-05-30 15:24:02 Views: 130

Enshine Frameless Led Panel Lights with exceptional 80 + CRI light, luminous efficiency can be customized 75-80Lm/w or 90-95lm/w, 180° beam angle. Voltage can be customized AC165V-265V or wide voltage AC100-265V.

Enshine rimless Led panel light adopts a free opening design, applicable to different hole sizes, and meets different installation requirements. The panel adopts a high transmittance panel, uniform light effect, and dispersion.

The surface-mounted Led panel light is available in 4 wattages (9W/18W/24W/36W) and supports 2700-7000K color temperature customization. It can be easily installed on existing floor-to-ceiling ceilings, making it ideal for offices and other commercial applications.

Dimmable Led Panel Light

ENSHINE Frameless LED Panel Light

  • CRI>80, 180° beam angle
  • High light transmittance panel
  • Free opening design
  • Sealing lamp body
  • Constant current drive
  • Long lifespan